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If you are a leader within your organization who plays a role in shaping your brand and building emotional connections with your audience, come join us.

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Dive deep with Greg Hoffman, an opportunity to explore the nuances, practical applications, and additional insights that go beyond the pages of Greg's book, providing the perfect environment to acquire profound insights and perspectives that transcend traditional learning.

27 & 28

March 2024

Our Quinta

Malveira, Lisbon



30 person



Greg Hoffman Chief Marketing Officer at Nike

The person behind Nike's singular brand and campaigns.

  • Spent 27 years at Nike, holding roles like VP of Global Brand Innovation, Chief Marketing Officer and others.

  • Hoffman led teams in shaping and expressing Nike’s brand voice and identity.

  • He was named one of Most Creative People in Business by Fast Company's.

  • Hoffman earned recognition on Business Insider's 50 Most Innovative CMOs list.

  • He played a pivotal role in promoting equality, sustainability, and empowerment during his tenure at Nike.

  • Author of Emotion By Design - Creative Leadership Lessons From A Lifetime At Nike

  • Teaches branding at the University of Oregon's Lundquist College of Business.



27 & 28 March

Module 1 - (1h30) Curious: Get Outside Yourself. How to create a culture of curiosity to fuel your innovation through external inspiration.

Module 2 - (2h30) Risk-Taker: Never Play It Safe, Play to Win. How to build a culture of risk-taking in service of the customer. How can you seek to take your customer someplace new without distracting from your business objectives of the day.

Module 3 - (2h) Memorable: Dare to Be Remembered. How to define the dimensions and tones of your brand personality and express that through your brand voice and identity.

Module 4 - (1h30) Authentic: Don’t Chase Cool. How to build a brand that is influential in culture while staying true to who you are as a company.

Module 5 - (2h30) Visionary: Spark a Movement. How to transcend what your product does by inviting your customers to be a part of something bigger than themselves. A journey of progression and transformation (Just Do It)

Module 6 - (1h) Courageous: Leave a Legacy, Not Just a Memory. How to deliver social impact at scale by connecting what you sell (your purpose and promise) to what the world needs.

Module 7 - (1h) Collaboration: Creativity is a Team Sport. How to forge creative chemistry across the enterprise of your company.




2 Day Training with Greg Hoffman

20 hours of Greg perspectives, experience, stories and case-studies.

+ Branding Culture Workbook

Take your notes directly on Greg's content and share with your team. It's a state-of-art for marketing professionals.

+ Meet & Greet with Greg Hoffman

Hangout with Greg the day before and present your company so he can personalize masterclass content to you.

+ Backyard Grill Experience

Conversations meet fun. With a hilarious comedian-magician and premium meat cuts, restore all your energy for the second day.

+ Lunch, dinner and coffee-breaks

We have options for you. Vegan. Non-gluten. Non-lactose. Our personal chef will take care of your nutrition and health.

+ Hotel Included (2 nights)

Plan nothing. Let us take care of operational burdens so you can chill and focus on the masterclass.

+ Signed Certificate

The certificate have your personal name to be able to verify its authenticity, signed by Greg.

Reserve Your Seat

27 & 28

March 2024

Our Quinta

Malveira, Lisbon



Have Questions?
António Ferreira
+351 914 793 351 |

Program Advisors


João Machado - Program Advisor
Head of Marketing at Galp


Paula Arriscado - Program Advisor
Corporate Division Director of Brand
at Group Salvador Caetano

Past Participants



Catarina Barradas - Head of Brand at EDP
"It was two enriched days of shared knowledge and interaction with an exceptional instructor."

Seth Godin - Best Seller Author
"Greg helps us see how a commitment to our creative practice can make any story better."

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  • Who's Business Retreats?
    A portuguese project co-founded by two business enthusiasts with the specific goal of organizing 2-day masterclasses lectured by top business leaders, so you can bring new perspectives and ways of working into your team and company. 1 instructor. 1 subject. 1 small group (30 participants). at Portugal.
  • Where is the masterclass located?
    This masterclass will take place at Our Quinta, Malveira. From Lisbon: 40 minutes From Porto: 2 hours & 45 minutes (55 minutes by flight)
  • Masterclass duration
    Total: 16 hours (8 hours per day) Date: 15 & 16 May 2024
  • How many participants?
    We aim to receive 30 participants to compose a small group of marketing directors and other executives.. That way participants have plenty of attention from the instructor and a lot of time to talk directly with him.
  • Are discounts for groups available?
    Yes, we have group discounts. Just send us a email ( or message us via whatsapp, asking for more information about group discounts (and tell us the size of the group).
  • Will there be a certificate?
    Yes, and signed by the instructor. That means that you have successfully completed a certain number of hours of training and completed all of the course modules. The certificate have your personal name to be able to verify its authenticity.
  • Who are other participants?
    We aim to receive 30 directors and other executives. In past masterclasses we received executives and directors from Mc Donalds, Galp, EDP, Brisa, Gato Preto, Outsystems, Farfetch, Delta, Nespresso, Type, Gleba Padarias, Nova Base, Salvador Caetano, Bhout Fitness, Sumol+Compal, Sonae, Jerónimo Martins, Ben-u-ron, Abreu Advogados, Valispace, Ageas, Leroy Merlin, Fidelidade, Conduril, SANA Hotels, Sugal, Bluebird, Grupo Amorim, Eric Kayser, PHD Media, Sogrape, Semapa, Porsche (SIVA) and others.
  • Lunch, dinner and accommodation
    We cover accommodation (2 nights), lunch, dinner and coffee-breaks.
  • What's the Backyard Grill?
    17 march late afternoon, we prepare a special moment where you can eat premium meats and vegetables while you hang out with other participants and the instructor, surrounded by the beautiful and peaceful Serra da Malveira.
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