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Brand Positioning

Hosted in November 2021, Brand & Positioning Masterclass, lead by Ken Schmidt, former CMO for Harley Davidson and Martin Flaherty from Coca-Cola, was an amazing moment for our participants. 3 days full of knowledge, learnings and networking.

  • Identifying shortcomings in your business’s positioning

  • Clear, consistent, differentiating language in positioning your business and your products

  • Determine your competitors’, go-to-market strategies, competitive advantages and weaknesses

  • One-page summary of your competition’s positioning mistakes and highlights growth opportunities for you

  • Determine your business’s current and desired Marketplace branding positioning

  • Learn how to use a very simple tool to reduce complex thoughts and ideas

  • Actions and behaviours in contacts with customers and positioning language

  • Creating a work culture that embraces your brand positioning language and directives

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