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"It was two enriched days of shared knowledge and interaction with an exceptional instructor."

- Head of Brand at EDP

"I brought tools and ideas to myself, my team and my company."

- Director of People Development and Experience at OutSystems

"Excelent program content, networking and event organization."

- Head of Marketing at Galp

"I would particularly highlight the fact that it was a highly practical training that provided us with tools we can apply in our daily lives to tackle the challenges we face."

- Marketing Director at Salvador Caetano

"Couldn't miss the opportunity to absorve his knowledge. These two days were very rewarding as we had insightful approach on the topic."

- VP People Lifecycle at Farfetch

"Unexpected, inspiring, 'food for thoughts'!"

- Head of Corporate Communication and Brand, Ageas

"In the way we all came to live our brands and our organizations. An intense lesson about humanization, authenticity and passion, complemented by focus, consistency and critical thinking."

- Corporate Division Director of Brand
at Group Salvador Caetano

"Excellent session with out-of-the-box ideas that all types of businesses can (and should) apply to their plans."

- Head of Brand & Communications at Abreu Advogados

"I believe there is a tremendous value in the networking we engage with one another, and there is also value in the selfless sharing of the practices each of us has been implementing."

- Head of Area People at Modelo Continente

"This concept of masterclass works well, not being that concept that is theoretical only listening to the instructor. Here we have the opportunity to engage directly with an expert in our field."

- Head of Customer Hub at Galp

"The instructor make us change completly our perspective"

- Business Controller Director at Nespresso

"Congratulations on decentralization. It's great to learn in a calmer environment, surrounded by nature, away from the daily hustle and bustle."

- Brand Coordinator at EDP

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