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Our Team

We believe that a good work is made by a excellent team, so we are proud of our synergy. A team capable of teach the best content in the world and deliver the best possible experience in a retreat way, it's unique.

Francisco Matalonga

Business Development Manager

mata foto.jpg

João Cascão

Managing Partner

foto perfil joao cascao.jpg

António Ferreira

Managing Partner

antonio foto.jpg

Jocko Willink

Ex-Navy SEAL & Echelon Front Founder


Martin Flaherty

Advisor at Coca-Cola & CEO of PencilBox


Ken Schmidt

Former Marketing & Communication Manager at Harley-Davidson


Jake Knapp

Partner at Google


Luís Marinho

Excel Formação CEO & Business Consultant


Tim Munnion

Excel Formação CCO & Business Consultant


Miguel Ângelo

Excel Formação CDO & Business Consultant


Maurício Silva

Excel Formação CFO & Business Consultant


Fernando Ilharco

Business Consultant & Prof. of Catholic University of Portugal

fernando-ilharco_0 (1).jpg
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