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If you are a leader within your organization who plays a role in managing and controlling operations, come join us.

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A Business Retreats Masterclass

15 & 16

May 2024

Our Quinta

Malveira, Lisbon



Managing Like Amazon

Unique view inside Bezos management system


Colin Bryar VP & Bezos's Shadow at Amazon

The person who documented Amazon's management system.

  • 13 years Former Vice-president, Chief of Staff

  • Member of the Senior Team of Jeff Bezos.

  • Known as “Jeff's Shadow”, a unique position whose description is "Making the Jeff a better CEO".

  • Colin spent seven hours a day side-by-side with Jeff Bezos, providing advice, implementation, execution and following up on the CEO's ideas.

  • Followed all of Amazon's growth and was part of the team that invented Amazon Prime, Amazon Web Services, Prime Video, Kindle and the distribution and logistics system that allowed One-day-delivery.

  • Former Chief Operating Officer at a Alibaba subsidiary.

  • Author of the book: Working Backards: Insights, stories, and secrets from inside Amazon.


15 & 16 May

Module 1 - (1h30) Hiring - Getting the right people on the bus. Deep dive into Amazon’s Bar Raiser hiring process.

Module 2 - (2h30) Behavioral Interviewing Breakout Session. Divide into small groups. Ask teams to come up with 3-5 behavioral interviewing questions for their company’s core values and/or leadership principles. Get back together, review, and comment on the questions.

Module 3 - (2h) Annual Operating Planning. We will describe how to effectively develop annual operating plans at the company, business unit, and functional organizational level. A good operating plan results in companywide alignment on metrics, initiatives, resources, and (as needed) organizational structure/leadership. The process is time-consuming as it typically spans August through early November) and it involves nearly the whole company. Poorly run annual planning processes are legendary for their inane bureaucracy and waste of time and resources on an end product that isn’t helpful. We describe how to understand and properly execute each process step to produce an invaluable end product that enables the organization to work more efficiently and in sync to achieve the right results.

Module 4 - (1h) S-Team Goals. An in-depth explanation of how these are established during the OP planning process and the nuts and bolts of documenting, monitoring, and reviewing them during the year. We’ll discuss the similarities and differences between S-Team goals and how we have seen organizations use OKRs.

Module 5 - (1h) Monthly and Quarterly Business Reviews. We’ll cover how MBRs and QBRs can be used to measure progress against your Annual Operating Plan and know when to make a course-correction.

Module 6 - (1h30) Manage Your Inputs, Not Your Outputs. Discovering and establishing the right collection of output and input metrics to set goals, guide activity, and measure progress. Identifying and focusing on controllable customer-facing input metrics yield small wins, which, compounded over time, are transformational. This chapter expands on Chapter Six of Working Backwards. In our consulting work with companies over the past three years, this has been the most requested and needed topic. Our client companies have needed much more information, context, and step-by-step how-to than was provided in WB. We will provide this and describe how input metrics are integral to the operating process too.

Module 7 - (2h30) Input Metrics Breakout Session. Divide into small groups. Ask teams to start with one or more of their company’s output metrics and generate a comprehensive list of input metrics. Get back together as a group. Have teams present their input metrics and discuss/give feedback.

Module 8 - (1h) The Weekly Business Review. This module is a deep dive into output and input metrics covering all business units, the customer experience, financial results, and critical operational metrics from all functions. We go into greater depth (than in WB) on the nuts and bolts of building a WBR. This will include detailed explanations of how the report should be built (and how not to do it). We will even provide a software template (downloadable from our website) that enables any company to build the report using a simple CSV file. We provide a detailed explanation of how to run the meeting, who should run it, and how and what is the role of each team member in the meeting.

Module 9 - (1h30) Initiatives and Innovation. Most companies we’ve observed have many more ideas than they can implement. Yet they also lack a formal, efficient process for identifying the best ideas, improving them from their original state, and deciding which ones to greenlight. Developing, iterating, debating, and aligning on a prioritized list of new initiatives that will deliver the greatest impact using PR/FAQ. This chapter will describe how this process fits within the OP planning cycle and the OC. Based on our experience, our readers crave much more detail on how to use this tool. They want to know how to write a great PR/FAQ, how to manage the scope of the products described, how to run an effective PR/FAQ review meeting and gather feedback, and the best way to start using the process. At truly innovative companies, this process happens daily. It’s not a quarterly or annual planning exercise.

Module 10 - (30min) Reflection and Action-Planning. Develop and action plan for: - What you’ll share with your leadership team - What you do in the next 30-90 days



2 Day Training with Colin Bryar

16 hours of Colin perspectives, experience, stories and case-studies.

+ Managing Like Amazon Workbook

Take your notes directly on Colin's content and share with your team. It's a state-of-art.

+ Meet & Greet with Colin Bryar

Hangout with Colin the day before and present your company so he can personalize masterclass content to you.

+ Backyard Grill Experience

Conversations meet fun. With a hilarious comedian-magician and premium meat cuts, restore all your energy for the second day.

+ Lunch, dinner and coffee-breaks

We have options for you. Vegan. Non-gluten. Non-lactose. Our personal chef will take care of your nutrition and health.

+ Hotel Included (2 nights)

Plan nothing. Let us take care of operational burdens so you can chill and focus on the masterclass.

+ Signed Certificate

The certificate have your personal name to be able to verify its authenticity, signed by Colin.

Reserve Your Seat

15 & 16

May 2024

Our Quinta

Malveira, Lisbon



Have Questions?
António Ferreira
+351 914 793 351 |

Program Advisor


Paula Arriscado - Program Advisor
Corporate Division Director of Brand
at Group Salvador Caetano

Past Participants



Sofia Bué Alves - Director of People at Outsystems
"I brought tools and ideas to myself, my team and my company."


  • Who's Business Retreats?
    A portuguese project co-founded by two business enthusiasts with the specific goal of organizing 2-day masterclasses lectured by top business leaders, so you can bring new perspectives and ways of working into your team and company. 1 instructor. 1 subject. 1 small group (30 participants). at Portugal.
  • Where is the masterclass located?
    This masterclass will take place at Our Quinta, Malveira. From Lisbon: 40 minutes From Porto: 2 hours & 45 minutes (55 minutes by flight)
  • Masterclass duration
    Total: 16 hours (8 hours per day) Date: 15 & 16 May 2024
  • How many participants?
    We aim to receive 30 participants to compose a small group of marketing directors and other executives.. That way participants have plenty of attention from the instructor and a lot of time to talk directly with him.
  • Are discounts for groups available?
    Yes, we have group discounts. Just send us a email ( or message us via whatsapp, asking for more information about group discounts (and tell us the size of the group).
  • Will there be a certificate?
    Yes, and signed by the instructor. That means that you have successfully completed a certain number of hours of training and completed all of the course modules. The certificate have your personal name to be able to verify its authenticity.
  • Who are other participants?
    We aim to receive 30 directors and other executives. In past masterclasses we received executives and directors from Mc Donalds, Galp, EDP, Brisa, Gato Preto, Outsystems, Farfetch, Delta, Nespresso, Type, Gleba Padarias, Nova Base, Salvador Caetano, Bhout Fitness, Sumol+Compal, Sonae, Jerónimo Martins, Ben-u-ron, Abreu Advogados, Valispace, Ageas, Leroy Merlin, Fidelidade, Conduril, SANA Hotels, Sugal, Bluebird, Grupo Amorim, Eric Kayser, PHD Media, Sogrape, Semapa, Porsche (SIVA) and others.
  • Lunch, dinner and accommodation
    We cover accommodation (2 nights), lunch, dinner and coffee-breaks.
  • What's the Backyard Grill?
    17 march late afternoon, we prepare a special moment where you can eat premium meats and vegetables while you hang out with other participants and the instructor, surrounded by the beautiful and peaceful Serra da Malveira.
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